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Are you licensed to perform wedding ceremonies?

Yes, I am an ordained minister and wedding officiant in good standing and am licensed to perform weddings anywhere in the State of California.

What is your affiliation or denomination?

I am a non-denominational wedding minister and officiant, allowing me to provide the most versatile service to my couples. I am comfortable in both religious and non-religious settings and acknowledge and welcome all faiths and beliefs.

How would you describe yourself as an officiant?

I am professional, warm and friendly. The wishes of my couples are always my top priority. I pay meticulous attention to all the little details to make sure your ceremony is just perfect, creating a celebration of love and togetherness. I am patient and sensitive and very good at smoothing out the little unexpected bumps that may occur, calmly and efficiently!

  San Diego Reverend

What is your background and how many wedding ceremonies have you performed?

I am a full-time wedding officiant, minister and celebrant and honored to be part of one of the most special days of your lives. I am always completely at your service and easily reachable by phone and e-mail. I have a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communications from Long Beach State University, and am organized, well-spoken and efficient.... all skills that lend themselves well to being a wedding minister. I am experienced and professional, with excellent references.

What types of ceremonies have you performed?

I have provided services to couples from all walks of life and from all over the country. Large, formal affairs with hundreds of guests, to intimate elopements where it was just the bride and groom and myself on the beach. Even situations where the bride and groom may have previously eloped and are already legally married, but want to have a formal wedding ceremony in front of their family and friends. This is a very common scenario for couples who are in the armed services. No worries... I am great at keeping a secret! I have performed short and sweet civils, serious religious ceremonies, interfaith weddings that combine the traditions of several different faiths, ceremonies that include children, Hawaiian ceremonies and Celtic handfastings, just to name a few... and of course, the most popular... where the bride and groom want a lighthearted, customized ceremony that reflects their personalities with a touch of spirituality, grace and humor.

How far in advance should we contact you about reserving our wedding date?

The further in advance that you contact me, the better, however, I always welcome short notice and last-minute weddings and am happy to be of service!

What are the steps to retaining you as our officiant?

First, simply call me at (858) 273-3711 or email me at with the date, time and location of your ceremony, at which time I will be able to tell you if I am available to officiate your ceremony. All of our contact would be by phone and/or e-mail and I am completely comfortable with this method of planning. If you do decide to retain me as your officiant, I require the payment in full to "officially" reserve the date and time.

What if you aren't available to officiate due to an unexpected emergency?

I am happy to provide you with referrals to officiants who are similar to myself in personality and approach. My wife, Rev Renate is a wonderfully warm and caring officiant who I frequently refer couples to and serve as my backup. We work very closely together to help each couple have the most perfect day.

Can you help us find a location?

Of course. I have lived in San Diego for over 30 years and am familiar with all of the most popular wedding locations in "America's Finest City". I know all the best spots for an outdoor beach wedding, the most private clifside locations, and a few secret locations that very few people know about. I am familiar with all the permit requirements for the City of San Diego, Coronado and other areas of San Diego County. I can also make suggestions on more formal venues for larger weddings. Visit my Beautiful Locations page for ideas on coastal areas and local wedding venues.

Do you offer wedding packages?

Yes, my wife, Renate, owns A Beautiful Wedding. Her company offers several full-service wedding packages that are designed to help ease the stress of planning for our couples. It can be difficult to pull together all the details for your wedding ceremony, especially when you are coming from out of town, and ABW has made it easy and affordable for you to have the perfect wedding day. Flowers, photographer, chairs and an arch decorated with silk florals and tulle... even rose petals for the aisle! In some cases. We are happy to be of service for couples who have already retained an officiant, but would like to have us simply coordinate their wedding ceremony. We love all aspects of the wedding ceremony and are happy to help you put together your dream wedding, even if you have another officiant. Visit A Beautiful Wedding's Destination Wedding & Elopement Packages for more information.

Can you help us with a photographer?

Most definitely. Visit A Beautiful Wedding's Destination Wedding & Elopement Packages page for more information on photography packages.

How long is the wedding ceremony?

It's completely up to you. My average ceremony runs about 15-20 minutes, but will depend alot on what you would like to include. You are always welcome to include readings or songs done by friends or family members, special acts of celebration such as a Sand Ceremony or Rose Exchange, in which case, the ceremony would of course, be a bit longer. I am very much about my couples and am happy to create a ceremony that really reflects the two of you.

Can we write our own vows?

Absolutely. Your vows are your words of love and commitment to each other, and are one of the most important aspects of your ceremony.

We both have children from previous relationships. Can we include our children in the ceremony?

Of course. There are a number of ways to include your children in your wedding ceremony. The Family Sand Ceremony is a wonderful and fun way to include your children, without putting too much pressure on them or making them feel awkward. You can also incorporate vows that you say to your children, committing to love them as their parents, and even present them with a gift like a necklace, ring or bracelet.

What do you usually say during the ceremony?

That is completely up to you. There are a number of ceremonies and vows to choose from. I don't have any specific requirements on what needs to be said during the ceremony.. that is completely up to the two of you. We have all heard horror stories about officiants who felt compelled to use the couple's ceremony as a forum to express their own opinions or beliefs, much to the bride and groom's shock and surprise. If you retain me as your officiant, you can be assured that your ceremony will be exactly the way you want it. I stick to the script that you have chosen which will help you relax and thoroughly enjoy your day.

What do you usually wear at the ceremony?

My wardrobe varies, depending on the location and weather, however I always dress neatly and conservatively in black so as not to detract from the two of you. I do not wear ceremonial robes, albs or other religious clothing. l will don a suit and tie for a more formal wedding ceremony, and a white linen shirt and khaki pants for a more casual beach wedding. If you are having a bit of theme for your wedding, I will make every effort to adjust my wardrobe accordingly (i.e. a Hawaiian wedding, beach wedding, etc.). You can get an idea of my wardrobe by visiting my Photo Gallerie.

What about the rehearsal?

My attendance at your rehearsal, although sometimes requested, is not required. My role is very straightforward. For more formal weddings, the wedding coordinator will take care of gettting everyone in place and ready to walk down the aisle. Beach weddings or small elopements do not require a rehearsal, due to their more casual approach. I will arrive at your ceremony 1/2 hour prior so I can take care of any last minute details or direction that needs to be made.

Where and when do we purchase our Marriage License?

You must obtain your Marriage License at any County Clerk's office in the State of California, but no more than 90 days prior to your wedding date. You can obtain your marriage license from any County in California and I can marry you anywhere in California if it is a Public Marriage License. If you obtain a Confidential Marriage License, you can only be married in the county where the marriage license was obtained. See my Marriage License page for all the details on obtaining your Marriage License in San Diego County. All counties in California have the same rules for obtaining your license, however the fees, hours and appointment requirements may differ slightly. You can even download the Marriage License Application for San Diego and fill it out beforehand to save time.

What if the Clerk's office is closed and we can't purchase our marriage license?

If you discover that the County's Clerk's office is or will be closed when you are here in San Diego, and you are unable to purchase your marriage license, don't worry! I can send you a list of special notaries who are able to issue a Confidential Marriage License in San Diego County, often on short notice. Just let me know immediately. I will give you all the information and I do my best to make sure your wedding day goes as planned!

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